a song to sing, a tale to tell, a point to make - 1989

a song to sing, a tale to tell, a point to make involves three performers, two young women dressed in men's suits and the artist wearing a child's dress with a large ink spot on the front and a black gag across her mouth. Attached to her bare arms are two floor length artificial gloved arms. The performance begins with a taped male voice reading the essay, 'How to Write a Story' from the book 'Hundreds of Things a Girl Can Make' (1945). After the reading is over the two young performers move to the centre of the space and mechanically operate a large turnstile that engages a record player that plays a narrative excerpt from a 'Wonder Woman' record. As it plays the artist walks behind the audience and rolls a 12-inch world globe filled with gravel. When the record is over she moves to the centre of the room, removes her arm extensions and gag, and whistles, 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'. Photo credit: Elisabeth Feryn